I am an Oregon native and my wife & I presently live along Hwy 101  on the Pacific coast. I used to work for myself in the  residential construction industry.  Now days I have returned to the restoration of old stuff.  Before we came down to the coast, I had an auto restoration shop (which was the best job I ever had) and I now spend my time  working at that, again.  I am a small operation and take great satisfaction in being a part of the resurrection of pieces of our history.

My wife has a good day time job for a large corporation (the stress takes it’s toll). My goal was to get her retired at the end of 2010 but the changes to our economy prevented that. I have always been an ambitious person working hard to get ahead in this world. Like an awful lot of people, I was told to get a good education, work hard and always do your best so as to excel in the world. Personally, I have come to the conclusion, over the years, that one should pursue what they like to do best and that will spell “Success”.

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